This blog is mostly dedicated to my queen taylor swift but you'll see loads of other crap. have a good day.
  Anonymous asked: how old are you? :)x

19, soon to be 20! (early next year)


“Growing up doesn’t mean you should stop loving those things you used to love. It means you add more things to your life.” 

do you guys remember my crush? well we live togheter now hehehe. So yeah. and he’s the best. and we’re inlove. and i’m going through something right now with myself and he’s still on my side :) so deep down my life’s pretty great huh. wow. 

that magic’s not here no more.

x   omg i used to be good       x   have not touched ps in 5 months       x   lol real life got in the way       x   real life was so good       x   now it's fall and blaaah       

omg. I had forgot about all this. omg I miss it so much. Omg what the fuck is tumblr.

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